I live in Silicon Valley in sunny California.

When I’m not life coaching, I also work as a crisis counselor, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and blogger who focuses on women empowerment, mental health, and overall wellness.

I’m a bona fide island girl born and raised in the Northern Marianas Islands. I’m also vegan, a die-hard Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fan, and a gym junkie!

Also DIY projects and sports are my jam, and I find the most peace in the sun while meditating.



For all my life, I thought God was punishing me.


From experiencing unimaginable childhood trauma and then entering adulthood attracting toxic relationships left and right (friends, family, and every man that I dated), I had a cynical hatred in my heart. I literally hated seeing other people happy.


On top of that, having anxiety, depression, and PTSD made it so easy for me to play the victim. I always doubted myself. I always made excuses, and when I finally got around to working towards a goal, I would quit shortly after. For the entirety of my life I let my inner and outer critics control me. 


It wasn’t until I started diving deeper and piecing together the bigger picture of why my life was the way it was.


After just scratching the surface, I became obsessed with doing the inner work and growing. I read countless books from cover to cover, listened to podcasts, took courses, and went through therapy. 


The further I dug deep within myself, the more excited I felt.


I eventually became so in love with myself that I knew I needed to spread this love and the lessons I’ve learned to other women as well.


So I started a blog to share my findings and also tell personal stories of my growth along the way.


And after only a few months of launching, I was awarded the 2019 Woman of the Year Award by Women on the Rise (a global organization that recognizes women for their efforts in empowering women in their community).


After that my blog continued to sky-rocket and it eventually landed me on multiple podcasts, huge events as a motivational speaker, features on women empowerment pages, interviews on the news, and even the front page of two newspapers. And today, my blog has readers in 143 different countries around the world.


And as my professional life transformed, I noticed my personal life transforming as well! I went from being a huge meat-eater, to transitioning to a whole-food, vegan diet. I went from never lifting a single weight in my life to working out at 5am, five times a week.


I broke my cycles of toxic relationships (romantic, friendships, family, etc.).  And overall I went from a timid, self-doubting, anxiety-ridden woman, to a full-blown entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is living her purpose and doing what she loves. 


My life’s mission is to help as many women as possible become the best version of themselves. Because I know firsthand that when a woman feels loved, appreciated, understood and empowered, she in return, will help others elevate. So if you’re ready to start living the life of your dreams, I’m so excited to help you get started!

  • National Association of Asian-American Professionals on “Stress Management” (workshop) [June 2020]
  • SpeakLife Women’s Conference on “Self-Love” [Oct 2019]
  • Self-Care Saturdays: Wellness Workshops (9 workshops) (self-hosted) [March-June 2020]
  • ImagineTalks Leadership Conference on “Rewiring Your Brain” [Jan 2020]
  • Halo Halo Collective’s Entrepreneur Panel [Sept 2020]
  • Bay Area Bloggers Women Empowerment on “The Importance of Mental Health” [June 2019]
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